Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off they go!!!!!

the girls waiting for the bus!

Oops put this twice sorry

First day!!!!!!

First week of School!

Wow crazy how time goes by the girls started school this week and so far they seem to like the teachers that that they have. I asked Whitnee what she did for her first day and her comment was we had TWO Recesses, wow is that all and then she said Oh for lunch I had beef sticks.

Kirsten said we just played games and stuff. I said that's all and she said MOM I don't remember, wow what a first day of school!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa is comming to town!!!!

So Whitnee comes running into the house and yells mom come now there is a balloon on the house and it's going to pop. Well I was cleaning and didn't want to go out because I didn't care about a balloon on the house, she yells at me to come again now, so I did and now I wish I would have gone out sooner because Guess who we saw? no other than Santa and Mrs. Claus in a hot air balloon. Now that is not something that you would see everyday! So Girls and Boys you better get ready because Santa is in town!!!!!

Last Wednesday Kirsten and Whitnee's Choir Concert

Last Wednesday Kirsten sang at her school with her little choir group it was cute and fun, it was nice that her school had a concert at night and not during the day so that everyone could come and not have to worry about getting off of work.
On Thursday they had another concert with all of the classes at a middle school they did that because they could't fit everybody in the elementary. So we show up on the time that they said the kids should be there and they had no seats what a joke! anyway we found some and I saved some more seats for my family and this lady just came and pushed Kennedy out of the way and sat in the seats that I had saved, lets just say I was not happy about that and boy did I let her know. It would be one thing if my family wasn't going to be their for a while but they were just walking down the stairs. Anyway back to the concert it was very cute and fun to watch. The girls did a good Job!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday Christmas Party at Mom and Dad Reimann's house

CHRISTMAS AT GRANDMA'S!!!!!!!!! On Sunday we had Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Mooses house it was fun. But not the same without the Fischer family we missed them! mom made a very ummy dinner and I think we all pigged out because it tasted so good. The kids all loved the presents that they had gotten, thanks Everyone!

Friday December 11th Ward christmas party

This was are ward Christmas party. We had lost of fun, they had tones of food and concert, the children got to decorate cookies and watch a movie, also Santa came and we got to take pictures with him. I wanted to take a picture with all of my family but as you can see Eric just came from work and is still wearing it. This weekend was another busy weekend Brielle was baptized and then we had to go to wedding downtown our neighbors daughter got married very beautiful wedding. I remember when she was little it is crazy how fast time goes by. I hope my girls stay tittle just a bit longer!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday Christmas party Number Two!!

This is my family Christmas party it was up in Logan, we had fun played games, ate food and more food, and most of all Santa and Mrs. Clause came!