Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Wednesday Kirsten and Whitnee's Choir Concert

Last Wednesday Kirsten sang at her school with her little choir group it was cute and fun, it was nice that her school had a concert at night and not during the day so that everyone could come and not have to worry about getting off of work.
On Thursday they had another concert with all of the classes at a middle school they did that because they could't fit everybody in the elementary. So we show up on the time that they said the kids should be there and they had no seats what a joke! anyway we found some and I saved some more seats for my family and this lady just came and pushed Kennedy out of the way and sat in the seats that I had saved, lets just say I was not happy about that and boy did I let her know. It would be one thing if my family wasn't going to be their for a while but they were just walking down the stairs. Anyway back to the concert it was very cute and fun to watch. The girls did a good Job!!!

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