Monday, November 30, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra , Thanksgiving and weekend

Wednesday was fun um it was my sister Julie's birthday so we took her birthday shopping and then we went to dinner, after dinner we went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, it was a good concert I just laugh at them and how they head band. We got good seats thanks to my sister in law Meagan, It was a bright show my mom went also and she put on her sunglasses. We were all laughing at her. Thanks giving was fun. Jenny called and asked if we could go to a movie, I couldn't I had to get my food assignments done that I was asked to bring. But Eric and the girls went and they had a lot of fun. On Saturday we put up Christmas lights and our tree first time ever after Thanksgiving. But thanks for doing that Eric the girls all had fun! Oh ya and the fun stuff during all of that putting up the Christmas things we decided to shut off the water to the sprinklers that was a mess we ended up shutting it off to tight and it broke. oops! thanks to Aaron and Brandon for helping Eric because it ended up being a big mess.


  1. homes suck money away. YAY! for living the american dream.

  2. that show is amazing, i went i believe two years ago and i loved it! I love the violinist! If it's still the same girl.